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A little about me…

I’ve been a camera lover for as long as I can remember, following the cues of my father, who was a sometimes photo enthusiast.  In college, I borrowed his SLR for a period, and eventually had to cut myself off because of the costs associated with film processing.  Primarily self-taught, I was never a darkroom guy, so can’t claim endless hours under red lights, but I did have to learn the basics of photography without the instant feedback of digital.

Years later, I developed the bad habit of being a professional actor, and found myself in need of headshots, but no money to pay for them.  So I returned to the camera for DIY headshots, which appealed to colleagues, so I began doing headshots for other actors and have been doing them since around 2002.  Along the way, I’ve moved into other photography niches, including corporate headshots, live theatre promotional and production shots, couple and family portraits, product photography, sports, and occasionally weddings.

In terms of video… After a few years of film classes at KU (while studying for my Theatre & Film degree), and years of working on countless film sets as an actor, chatting with DP’s and learning the ropes, I had the itch to start making independent films.  In 2003 I invested far more than I could afford in a Canon GL1, with dreams of grandeur which were quickly dashed by a disappointingly mediocre picture quality.  I quietly accepted the idea that perhaps the gear required to make high quality video was out of my reach.  Several years later, the stars aligned with the introduction of the Canon 5D Mark II.  Not only could I use it to take stunning still photos, but I could also achieve jaw dropping HD video.  …With the same camera.  It was a bit mind blowing.  It still is.  I’ve since moved on to the 5D Mark III (for both stills and video), and could not be happier, although I do love to play with new cameras any chance I get.

A few of my specialties…

Performer Headshots
Corporate Headshots
Couple / Family Portraits
Theatre Promotional / Production Photography
Product Photography
Corporate Video
Commercial Video
Narrative Film

As far as Weddings go… I can do them, and I have done them, but to be honest, that’s not my focus and at this time I’m not taking on wedding clients.  Most wedding clients book photographers/videographers extremely far in advance (with good reason).  I’ve found that I can’t commit to dates that are up to a year in the future.  That said, I know A LOT of fantastic wedding photographers and videographers, and would be happy to make recommendations.

Rates and Booking Info…

First things first: I do have a full time job, so I typically schedule shoots outside of business hours during the week, or on weekends.  I’m Creative Director for Stallard Technologies in Overland Park, KS.  (If you’re in the market for enterprise level IT hardware, give us a look)

For detailed info, please see my page Session Types / Info.
To book a session, please see my page Book a Shoot!

When looking at sessions and rates, keep in mind that I tend to work a little differently than a lot of photographers.  For one thing, I don’t withhold full size digital files, or force clients to order all prints through me (at huge mark ups) after the fact.  I understand why so many photographers do this – it’s their only way to get recurring revenue, but I just don’t like working that way.  So when we’re talking about a shoot, my rates may seem higher than theirs (depending on who you’re comparing me to), but read the fine print.  Their low session fee will often be followed by minimum print orders, and exorbitantly expensive prices per print, retouching fees, etc… etc…  I frontload my prices with slightly higher session fees, and then hand over ALL full size digital files, allowing you to do whatever you want with them.  I’m a shooter, not a printer – and they’re your shots!

Feel free to drop me a line, and let me know what you’re looking for!

Brian Paulette

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