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Please use the tool below tool to reserve a time.  Click on the type of session you’re interested, and choose from available time slots.  (available times will display as blue blocks).  Rates and session types (and a lot of other information is covered here)

Please note, if you are inquiring about a quick half-hour session (e.g. Corporate Headshot), Modeling Portfolio session, or Theatrical Production photos, you will need to contact me.

Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions!

Please note:  Due to my limited availability (and too many no-call-no-shows), all bookings will require a deposit, which will be applied toward the total.   After selecting your time slot, you’ll receive a confirmation email from the booking system, followed by an invoice for the deposit within 12 hours.  I will then follow up with location and other details.  If the deposit remains unpaid, I may cancel your session so that someone else can book that time.  If you’re booking a session and want to shoot at a specific location other than my studio, let me know.  If your block of time falls back-to-back with another session already booked, we may need to adjust session time to allow for travel. 

Evening Sessions & Natural Light

IMPORTANT:  If you are considering an evening shoot, please remember that we lose natural light fades as evening approaches.  Shoots booked after natural light is gone will be limited to controlled studio lighting.  I’m very adept at studio shooting without natural light – some of my best headshots have been taken this way – but just want to be sure you are aware of this if considering an evening session.

A good example of the difference:

This was taken with natural light from above/front.

This was taken with no natural light, using studio strobes, diffusion and bounce.

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